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Techlandia Episode 27 - Kyle Pace Interview

In this episode, Jon Samuelson @ipadsammy, Alison Anderson @tedrosececi, Curt Rees @curtrees and Kyle Pace @kylepace talk educational technology. Kyle has been a leading voice in ed tech for the past 10 years and was recently named one of ASCD's Emerging Leaders. He gives apps, Twitter users to follow and talks about his experience hosting Edcamp KC. Listen here, and follow all links on our Learnist boards.


Google's New 'Hangout'

Scoot & Doodle, a drawing application that hopes to revolutionize how friends and families interact online, is featured as one of the half-dozen or so new, third-party applications the launched in March on Google+ Hangouts.


Scoot & Doodle

Children's Technology Review gives Scoot & Doodle an Editor's Choice Award for being collaborative and creative in its use of technology to enhance interpersonal relationships.


TokBox Puts Face-to-Face Video on Websites

Forbes reports on invaluable partner, TokBox, a new technology that puts face-to-face video on websites. Their technology is what allows people to connect and play in a meaningful way on the Scoot & Doodle website. Our own shared playspace is described in the first section of the article.


Mobile Apps Reshape Toys and Learning

One of our co-founders, Patty Chang, is quoted in this over-view of some of the new technologies targeting the younger generation that were on display at MIT's Sandbox Summit Conference.

In this great article, the Gadget Guru at GizBot goes over different potential uses for the new Scoot & Doodle application on Google+ Hangouts. This ranges from use as a basic drawing pad to a space where friend can come to collaborate and create new games together.


Google Enables Third-party Apps in Video Hangouts

As Google+ Hangouts opens it's API to the public, a handful of third party developers launch their own products on +Hangouts. Among these first few to exploring how to create a richer social media experience is Scoot & Doodle, a collaborative drawing application targeting kids and parents.


Google+ Hangouts gets six new apps

Stuff reports on the 6 new apps that launched on Google+ Hangouts earlier this morning, including our own shared doodle pad, Scoot & Doodle.


Google+ gets a slate of new apps for Hangouts

Google is showing off some new Hangout-themed apps today. From play games and goofing around to getting serious work done, the apps use Google’s social video tool to make the most of face-to-face, real-time interaction. Among these is the drawing-based Scoot & Doodle which hopes to change the way in which families connect.